Wachtigall - FAQ

  1. What exactly is Wachtigall?

    That's easy: Wachtigall transforms your favorite food and drink into a drinker without changing the taste.

    Your freshly squeezed orange juice still tastes of fresh orange juice! Your gin-tonic and your homemade guacamole taste as delicious as before. But now give you the thrust you get from e.g. a double espresso or a can of energy drink would get.

  2. Woraus besteht eigentlich Wachtigall?

    Wachtigall consists almost entirely of natural ingredients.

    Dextrose - or the good old grape sugar mentioned -, Palatinose, caffeine from the coffee bean and a natural guardian flavor, so it does not taste bitter. Just for preservation, we added some sorbic acid. There is a guardian on special order but also without preservatives.

  3. Palatinose ?! Never heard! What's this?

    Palatinose is mainly obtained from sugarcane and honey. It is also called isomaltulose and is a disaccharide (double sugar).

    And for any budding food chemist among you who really want to know, there's also a Wikipedia link .

    Although: To study food chemistry, you need a 1.0-Abitur. And if you have a 1.0-Abi, then you probably already knew anyway.

  4. And why is that in Wachtigall?

    While the dextrose (yes, exactly - the glucose) is absorbed by the body immediately and together with the caffeine provides for an immediate energy boost, the Palatinose is also absorbed by the body quickly, but only released slowly.

    So Wachtigall simply makes you a really awake thing in the combination of the three most important ingredients.

  5. But that sounds like a lot of sugar.

    Yes, that would be a whole lot of sugar, if you take a kilo of guardian all at once. But a bag is only 2.33 grams of powder, so only 1.9 grams of sugar. That's just 9 calories.

    So in our internal open calorie scale that means as much as 4.5 TickTacks. Incidentally, average energy drinks have between 120 and 240 calories per can - up to more than 20 times.

    But even if you take your coffee or espresso with two spoons of sugar, you already have twice the calories in the cup - and there the milk is not there yet.

  1. Why is there no taurine in Wachtigall?

    Well: Wachtigall is a wake-up agent. No taurine is needed for that. Taurine simply does not wake you up. Your body provides the taurine you need anyway. But take a look at what the cool boys and girls from the Red Bulls say about taurine: Red Bull about taurine . And they really have to know. Sounds a bit like Wikipedia .

    You can also look at what the European Food Authority says about the whole topic: European Food Authority about taurine .

    Taurine does not hurt, but Taurine does not help either. Because the good old caffeine ensures the wake-up. In addition, taurine is produced almost exclusively synthetically. Of course we want it. The only thing that is really cool about taurine is the name.

  2. Is caffeine actually healthy or unhealthy?

    Well, if you are run over by a loaded with caffeine powder truck, then it is certainly unhealthy ... :-). But fun aside: humanity has consumed tons of caffeine for ages; Just think of the tons of coffee, tea or coke we eat every day. Caffeine promotes concentration. It keeps awake. And it makes you more efficient. But it is not a carrot and not a fresh apple. Too much caffeine can cause headaches or circulatory problems. That's why you just should not overdo it - just like everything else. Generally, about 400mg of caffeine per day is recommended for a healthy person. We therefore recommend an average of no more than 3 watchdogs a day (100mg per guarding bag). At some point, it must be a beanie to sleep. But if that does not work in the meeting, at the festival or because of the jet lag, Wachtigall will help you over the mountain.

    But here you can also look at what our favorite experts from the European Food Authority say on the subject: European Food Authority on Caffeine

  3. What can I really mix with Wachtigall?

    With just about everything you like. For example, in your apple or rhubarb juice spritzer, in gin and tonic (whether with lemon or cucumber), your apple-raspberry smoothie, exotic coconut water, in your hollandaise sauce, your chocolate muffin with liquid chocolate core, your salsa dip or grandma's chicken soup. Actually, there is almost no restriction. You can also look around in our recipe corner.

  4. Can I also mix Guardian with my hair gel?

    Yes, unfortunately it does not make any sense at all.

  5. When do you take a guardian?

    Again, you decide: you decide! At parties, at festivals, before sports, while learning, on long car rides, at lunchtime in the office and whenever you prefer not to be tired or need a concentration kick.

    However, it's not such a clever idea right before you go to sleep, Liebelein.