Come to the wild side

Wachtigall - The live wire

Wachtigall is the perfect way to recharge your batteries quickly. Always and everywhere.
Hold out four days at the fair? More energy for celebration or sport?
Or go through the midday low in the office?
Wachtigall is the solution!

Wachtigall rocks.”
Johnny Depp aka. Jack Sparrow

“Auf gehts, ab gehts,
3 Tage wach.”
Jesus C.

“Ich steh total auf

What actually is Wachtigall?

  1. Wachtigall keeps you wide-awake!

  2. Wachtigall gives every drink a special boost.
    #EnergizeYourDrink #SpecialForce

  3. Wachtigall turns your food into an edible Kraftwerk.
    #PowerPasta #SmoothEnergy

  4. Has twice the caffeine of an Espresso.
    #CaffeineSquared #PowerSquared

  5. Hat das doppelte Koffein von einem Espresso.

  1. 4 days festival? Let's go.

  2. Natural ingredients only – no taurine.
    #NaturalEnergy #Outdoorpower

  3. Your portable power station always with you.
    #GlobalEnergy #Pocket Power

  4. Wachtigall fits in any handbag.

  5. Just nine calories per bag.

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