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Wachtigall Kraftstoff – the Power Stuff

Wachtigall is the perfect way to recharge your batteries quickly. Always and everywhere.
Hold out four days at the fair? More energy for a party or a work-out?
Or get through the midday low in the office?
Wachtigall is the solution!

Wachtigall rocks.”
Johnny Depp aka. Jack Sparrow

“Here we go,
3 days awake.”
Jesus C.

“I am totally into Energy-Lasagna.”

What actually is Wachtigall?

  1. Wachtigall keeps you wide-awake!

  2. Wachtigall gives every drink a special boost.
    #EnergizeYourDrink #SpecialForce

  3. Wachtigall turns your food into an edible power station.
    #PowerPasta #SmoothEnergy

  4. Tired in math lesson?! You don´t need to be!

  5. Twice the caffeine of an old-school espresso

  1. 4 days festival? Let's go.

  2. Natural ingredients only – no taurine.
    #NaturalEnergy #Outdoorpower

  3. Your portable power station always with you.
    #GlobalEnergy #Pocket Power

  4. Wachtigall fits in any handbag.

  5. Just nine calories per bag.

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