Uncle Mark

The Man in Charge

Everyone is talking about the global energy change. He is simply doing it.


Sales & Encouragement

If she wasn’t working for us, she would be in charge of the Avengers.


Mr. Triple P

Polish, Power, Pole Dancer.

Uncle Vince

Energy Ambassador

Mr. Wachtigall! Mr. Berlin! Mr. Dance Battle! He has many names and talents. None of them helpful for his job.


The Tower of Power

The only whale which can be watched in the Black Forest.

Kita Kati

Mrs. Sunshine

Every day is a sunshine day when you are working with Katinka.


Mrs. Carrot Stick

She likes her tomatoes vegan.


Office Ninja

Do not fall asleep. Or you will be surprised.


Captain Energy

He is no super hero, but he has unlimited power.

Anna, the Wachti-Girl

Party Power Officer

She is the only one of us to make it through the night even without Wachtigall. All week long.


The Power Gamer

Takes gaming to the next level. Every time.

Watch-Dog Lotta

Energy Dog

Clearly the sleepiest watch dog of all times. No Wachtigall for her.

Auntie Cathy

Creative Energy

She is the inventor of 24 hour Flower Power. God bless her!


Pride Power Princess

Gay, straight, queer, lesbian, transgender or Austrian, she likes you.

Dr. Power

Secret Power Service

Christian’s powers are so secret, he doesn’t even know them himself.