Hold´em longer

Wachtigall - the natural watchman

Long evening? WACHTIGALL awakes. In contrast to the usual energy drinks, WACHTIGALL is a tasteless powder. Based on the caffeine extraction from the coffee bean, WACHTIGALL gives every drink and every snack a natural boost.

WACHTIGALL is individually dosed, always at hand and allows infinite flavor combinations.

“With WACHTIGALL you always have a full house – literally!
And more important: your house stays full much longer.”

Melissa G., Casino Manager


Use WACHTIGALL to give your players an extra boost.
They will stay longer. They will play longer. More fun for everybody!


WACHTIGALL is the perfect give-away to your best customers.
Whether they are on a congress, on a business trip or out to party – WACHTIGALL is always appreciated.


Spice up your events with WACHTIGALL. Your guests will have more from the event, and you will have more from your guests.